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Join or Link to our Network

Join or Link to our Network

Posted by  Zero
If you have an existing network and want to link it to our network (you will use our Network name) you need to have stable and reliable servers.
They also need to handle lots of users, and your staff needs to be nice against other users, don't abuse his/her powers and help other staff members as well.
If you have these and you want to link, email a message to one of these email addresses:
- Typhoon[at]Xerologic.net
- Zero[at]Xerologic.net
(change the [at] to @)

If you want to link an empty server to our network you need the following things:

CPU: Intel or AMD at 1.4Ghz or faster²
RAM: 1GB or more²
Connection: 10mbit or more (unlimited bandwidth)¹
IRCd: Unreal 3.2.8
Min Users: 128 (we prefer 256 users) if possible³
Others: 1 Server = 1 Server Admin & 2 IRCops

¹ This is a must because if a server has 128 users on 1 server it will consume much BW.
² ³ Contact us if you have less users or your system doesn't meet the requirements.

When you want to join our network using your server, you get a 30-day trail and you can get removed from our network if we don't want you or abusing your powers.
If you get accepted by us, you get a sub-domain from us (Name.Country.Continent.Xerologic.net, example: Typhoon.NL.EU.Xerologic.net).

If your link is accepted your o:line will be set for basic “Server Administrator” privledges, if this o:line is modified without staff permission then you may be liable for suspension.

Server Administrator
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